Through my experience and interest in both business and technology, I have acquired a wide range of both technical and soft skills.


I am proficient in Java and am learning Python and Simulink.

I am also very experienced in building, modifying, and repairing PCs.  

Client Relations 

Through my first venture, I have gained skills in marketing and client relations. This has made me effective at communicating technical aspects in ways all can understand.

Additive Manufacturing 

From design to production, I am familiar  with 3D printing.

I have experience designing using CAD programs, as well as using and maintaining 3D printers.   

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Some of My Work

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At Airgility, I design, print, and test components for intelligent UAVs. I also assist with assembly and flight testing of completed drones.      

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Computer Hardware

From the age of 12, I have been building and modifying PCs, and have become very familiar with computer hardware. I have built PCs for gaming, remote working, and general browsing purposes, specifically catering the build to the intended uses and budget.                    

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I am proficient in Java and the Eclipse IDE. Click here for some samples of my work.

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In 2017, I co-founded ShovelBuddy, a platform to connect homeowners with local students looking for work to provide convenient, on-demand snow shoveling and yardwork service while opening opportunities for students to make money. I engaged in customer relations, product development, and marketing.

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From 2018-2019 I taught a class in my high school on entrepreneurship and business. I am also an Eagle Scout, and served as Junior Assistant Scoutmaster and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader in my Boy Scout Troop. Currently, I am the sub-team lead for the Low Voltage Subteam of Terps Racing EV. Through this experience, I have learned how to utilize people's strengths to help them and a team be  effective.   


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